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Being “Green” Is A Mind Set

Posted in Sustainability by Administrator on the September 8th, 2009

Green Building design is also a mind set and can be successfully achieved to different extents with or without LEED certification. However we highly recommend LEED as one of the best standards for efficient design. Experienced designers most often take into consideration different environmental factors such as solar orientation, shaded and landscaped areas, storm water retention, energy efficiency, local material availability, sustainable supply chain, etc.

States and local municipalities can also develop their own energy efficiency and sustainability standards. The State of California has already accomplished this and other states are soon to follow. At this point LEED certification is still an option, not a requirement. The IEEC standards already address requirements for a building’s thermal envelop and maximum lighting wattage allowances for new designs.

I spoke with a senior planner at a larger city in the metro Phoenix area and he questioned why there is a separate LEED design review process. He pointed out that most cities already review plans for conformance to the International Energy Efficiency Code, customers are already paying for a building review fee, and that they could easily review for conformance to any LEED or other adopted sustainability standards.

Soon, energy and utility efficient design standards will become the norm, will be required for all permit applications and administered at the local municipality level. However, you can start saving money now by implementing any of a variety of efficiency standards. Ask us how.

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