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Posted in Sustainability by Administrator on the August 18th, 2010

Green design, construction, lifestyle – call it what you want – is a mindset. We are all in this together and are different shades of green in one way or another. Once we are aware that everything we do on a daily basis has an impact on sustaining our environment, then we can decide how to address it.

As a designer there are too many things that come to mind when I start to ponder Green. In general, they are: supply chain; production; design; materials; construction; management; choices; lifestyle. Things directly affected by our choices: carbon footprint; pocketbook; health; lifestyle; environment.

I still find that many people believe the personal decisions they make have little affect on the environment’s condition. It’s true that on an individual basis we have little impact on a global scale. However, on a global scale humanity plays a major role in environmental impact.

Together, let’s manage our moves toward sustainability one house, one business, one community at a time. Let’s improve our family’s health and well being and lower our utility costs & resource consumption at the same time.

We can design more efficient, money-saving buildings per LEED design standards. There are also many rebates to take advantage of in facility equipment upgrades. We can be thoughtful and plant a shade tree on a west exposure, decide to go as paperless as possible, recycle and re-purpose, change plumbing fixtures to low flow or waterless, use CFL or LED lighting, green your supply chain, etc.

We can choose contractors that use green practices, we can purchase hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles, have cyber offices, cyber meetings & telecommute. We can email or post PDF plans on FTP sites that are downloaded (not printed) by owners, contractors, city reviewers, etc.

Discover more ways to have a positive affect on the environment we live in through your decision process, in all aspects of our lives – including design & construction. Contact us for specific design & construction ideas as well as “low hanging fruit” to save utility costs at existing businesses or homes.

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