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Green Design Credit

Posted in Sustainability by Administrator on the February 14th, 2011

Designers often address many facets of a project i.e. connection to the neighborhood, context to surroundings, traffic impact, visual impact, drainage & environmental impact.

They also address zoning codes, building codes, accessibility code, constructability, construction costs and schedule. Other items are functionality, market trends & client expectations.

All of these things are in response to clients, market, cost, schedule, city review process, neighborhood concerns, city inspectors, etc.

In addition, designers address green ideas i.e. solar orientation, shade, energy & water efficiency, thermal envelope, indoor air quality, and the general life of the building.

We normally get more credit by an owner based on shorter timelines, fewer budget overruns, and a high return on a marketable product.

Designers definitely get credit if there are any issues that arise once the building is complete.

This is a client driven industry more than it is a designer driven industry. Unfortunately the majority of the clients are not concerned with green design initiatives. One of the major reasons is that appraisers have no metrics to justify the added value; therefore banks do not recognize it either. This makes it difficult for investors to justify green design if it adds no value to an end product.

We need to give proper recognition to green design efforts when we see them and continue to promote the benefits and added value.

There are recent reports indicating that some people are willing to pay a little more for green buildings, which is encouraging. I look forward to the day when green, sustainable buildings are the industry standard.

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